Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wow is all that I have to say...

RADICAL from David Platt on Vimeo.

***Pause the music to watch the video.***

So I saw this video on one of my fellow blogger sites that I regularly follow. Watch it now (if you haven't already) then continue reading. Of course the timeliness of this post was spot on (as usual) as this is an area that I REALLY struggle to relinquish to God. My one dream has always been to have the American Dream. I want the nice big house in the country, where my family gathers for holidays, where the kids bring their friends, where I am the stay-at-home-mom, where we have enough to afford missions trips to far away places AND go on vacations as a family. And I admit that this video is painful for me to see in the way that dirt and gravel being scrubbed from a wound is painfully healing to the body. It forces me to come face-to-face with my acknowledgement that I have not fully surrendered EVERYTHING to my Maker, and that it is what I am being asked, in faith, to do. So please pray for my strength in surrendering ALL, and that God, in His infinite wisdom, would keep providing these reminders to me until it is accomplished in HIS eyes. I don't really want to add too much more to this post. I feel that it speaks for itself, but I do want to add just one last thing for you to ponder now that you have had the opportunity to view the clip. My husband's response after viewing this video was "Wow, that's kind of in your face." to which my response was, "I think that's the point...I think that is why the title is Radical." But I ask you, what was your response? And what should our responses be? Leaving you to ponder. Have a great Memorial Day Sunday everyone.


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